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hello there, i'm having a lot of fun with the game and i just want to know how to make it go full screen...

I don't really want to bother you, but are there plans to make a 32-bit version of this? It looks great, but unfortunately I don't use a 64-bit computer.

No bother :) will do!


I am currently working on a new game :)

Check it out! :

Great run&gun game! :D

Thank you! :)

Great game!

Thank you!

Not my video, but nice review! in Spanish

Thank you! :)

The 3-tier desktop binaries anytime? :D thanks in advance.

Updated the game and there is now link to the latest wind64-bit executable in the description! :)

I'm getting a lot of lag on the Windows version?

HTML5 Games can be a bit harsh for the system, at least if you scale the game to full screen. If you are on a low spec pc (laptop or so), try setting your windows resolution to low as possible and see if it helps. If you have a nice gaming rig the problem must be something else. What kind of hardware are you running the game with?

Changing the resolution greatly improved the performance of the game.

What is an email address I can contact you at?

Thank you! Chris

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My playthrough of the first level. Very cool game.

Thank you for the gameplay video!

Currently working on with the mobile version of the game :)

love it!!! the feeling of no ammo and just run and guning is so fun

Thank you! :)

Great game! I Love it.

Is it possible to download this game for offline use?

For 64bit windows:

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Nostalgic!


This game is awesome! The soundtrack and the art are great as well.

Thank you!