Contradiction is an retro-style action indie-game.
It is completely free, with no hidden fees.
The gameplay is targeted for experienced players.

Game will run best on a computer, touch device support is currently only experimental.

Update 1.0.7 - Better audio compression for web version, smaller file size. Small fixes to intro menu.

Update 1.0.6 - W A S D + UI / JK- Keyboard controls added.

Update 1.0.5 - Small adjustments to game, mostly visual. Small adjustment to jumping, as some the jumping felt a bit stiff for some players.

Update 1.0.4 - Small bug fix (Touch controls)

Update 1.0.3 - Touch Controls (experimental).
Game will enable on screen touch controls by touching the game screen
any time. If no touch input is given for a while on screen controls will

To pause the game with touch control, touch the top hud bar (the bar with lives, health and score).

I am aware that the game can be sluggish on a mobile device and i am focusing on optimizing the game for mobile use.

GamesByMichi email:

Music by:
Nuutti Hannula
Instagram: babanubabamusic

Soundtrack link:


Game story:
"It is year 1920, the first mechanical A.I. has been unleashed by evil Dr Hiroshita in a plot to conquer the world.

Thus commando Billy Lancer of the Contradiction unit (An allied elite group of querilla soldiers), is sent to take down Dr Hiroshita and all the bionic horrors."


Arrows / WASD =  move / aim
Z , U or K = shoot
X , I or J= jump
enter / esc = pause menu
m = mute audio

Gamepad (Xbox360 controller support, other controllers may work aswell)

Menu button = pause menu
D-Pad / left analog = move / aim

A/X buttons = shoot
B/Y buttons = jump

OR (change with keyboard L-key)

X/Y buttons = shoot
A/B buttons = jump



Gameplay trailer:


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Development log


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If you see my game outside ITCH.IO or Newgrounds, it has been stolen. For example "TGNINESOFT" has released my game in MS STORE without my permission, game is completely free, do not pay for it in any store.


So I beat the game with my high score 115 890 with no return 

I love the story of game very much because it gave me something fantastic, thanks Michi 


So is TGNINESOFT you, or has somebody ripped off your game and published it on XBox? If it's you, are there any differences between the Windows and XBox versions?

I feel like TGNINESOFT is a complete scammer. How? Well, the unofficial port is paid, and it is made by a unknown company. It's blatant copyright infringement. Now, if it were made by the actual creator, then I could probably see why it is paid. But no, so avoid it.

Yes, scammers, stole my game. AVOID TGNINESOFT

i find it strange it was specifically stated it was free with no hidden fees in the description despite the fact that most games are free anyways.

It is also released on other sites, and chinese company TGNINESOFT has been trying to rip me off by selling it without my permission outside the free sites.

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Games By Michi i dont here any Sound Could you please Fix it Michi Please Thank-You

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Hello, please click the game area to activate the audio / music. If still does not work, please try to update your browser, (try with latest Firefox / Chrome).

Let me know if this fixes the audio issue for you.

Could you Please Fix it

Games By Michi i dont here any Sound nor the Music

This actually gave me serious Contra nostalgia, but it's FRESH, and the music is so good and the graphics are so... refreshing? it makes me want to get to the next level just to hear/see it.

hello there, i'm having a lot of fun with the game and i just want to know how to make it go full screen...

There should be a button on a bottom right corner of the screen, try clicking that with your right mouse button. :)


sorry for taking so much to respond but thanks!

I don't really want to bother you, but are there plans to make a 32-bit version of this? It looks great, but unfortunately I don't use a 64-bit computer.

No bother :) will do!


I am currently working on a new game :)

Check it out! :

Great run&gun game! :D

Thank you! :)

Great game!

Thank you!

Not my video, but nice review! in Spanish

Thank you! :)

The 3-tier desktop binaries anytime? :D thanks in advance.

Updated the game and there is now link to the latest wind64-bit executable in the description! :)

I'm getting a lot of lag on the Windows version?

HTML5 Games can be a bit harsh for the system, at least if you scale the game to full screen. If you are on a low spec pc (laptop or so), try setting your windows resolution to low as possible and see if it helps. If you have a nice gaming rig the problem must be something else. What kind of hardware are you running the game with?

Changing the resolution greatly improved the performance of the game.

What is an email address I can contact you at?

Thank you! Chris

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My playthrough of the first level. Very cool game.

Thank you for the gameplay video!

Currently working on with the mobile version of the game :)

love it!!! the feeling of no ammo and just run and guning is so fun

Thank you! :)

Great game! I Love it.

Is it possible to download this game for offline use?

For 64bit windows:

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Nostalgic!


This game is awesome! The soundtrack and the art are great as well.

Thank you!